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Archive Blackboard Content
What content can be saved from Blackboard course sites and where should I store it?

UIS has kept full Blackboard course archives, including student material, that may be accessed by individual faculty request.  Course archives include content like course files as well as student discussion posts, assignment submissions, and grades. Student-related content however-- including discussion posts, assignment submissions, and grades-- should only be stored in a secure location such as Georgetown Google Drive and Box, and NOT permanently on a computer hard drive. Please see the section below on "Where Do I Save Blackboard Content?" for more information.
Are my old courses in Blackboard being transferred into Canvas?

Yes, for all courses starting with Summer 2014 (no, for earlier Blackboard courses).  The UIS Educational Technologies team has already transferred your Blackboard course content from Summer 2014 through Summer 2019 into Canvas.  In January 2020, your Blackboard course content from Fall 2019 semester will also will be transferred into Canvas with a “BB-” prefix (e.g.  BB-ENGL-100-01.Fall2019) in order to avoid overwriting course content that has already been imported or created in Canvas. 

These transferred courses will not be exact duplicates of the original Blackboard courses. Blackboard course content like files, items, and announcements will migrate to Canvas; but gradebook items, student-submitted work, and peer interactions will not migrate.  More information about what does and does not migrate can be found on the Moving from Blackboard to Canvas Guide. If you need Blackboard course archives that include student material please complete the individual faculty request form for that information.

Your already-transferred courses can be found in Canvas under Courses > All Courses in the global navigation menu (specifically located in the Past Enrollments section).  Such courses will have the word "Migrated" in the Term column.

Where do I save Blackboard archive content?

If you are saving student activity, grades and/or submissions please reference the Georgetown's Data Classification page on acceptable FERPA storage locations. Student data should NOT be stored on your computer's hard drive. It's recommended you permanently save all files from Blackboard to one of the locations listed below: