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Archive Blackboard Content
What content can I archive from my Blackboard course sites and where should I store it?

Blackboard instructors can download and save their course content as well as student discussion posts, assignment submissions, and grades. Student-related content-- including discussion posts, assignment submissions, and grades-- should only be stored in a secure location such as Georgetown Google Drive and BOX and NOT on a computer hard drive.
Please see Where Do I Save Archive Files for more information. 
The guides below will require an instructor to access each Blackboard course and/or activity they want to archive.  

How do I archive course material?
To archive all course material (excluding student-related content) it's best to create a Blackboard course export. 
Below are some example course materials that can be included in a course export:
 Announcements  Assignments  Blogs, Journals, Wikis
 Content Areas  Discussions Topics  Files and Folders
 Grade Center Columns and Settings  Rubrics  Tests, Surveys, and Pools

Things to Note:

  • The course export process will create a zip file containing your course material and structure.
  • Do NOT use the Safari web browser for this process.
  • Do NOT unzip the course export file or delete files from the package, as then the contents will no longer be useable.
  • Student activity, grades, and submissions are excluded.
  • To access the content, it's recommended to import the course export file into another Learning Management System (e.g.Blackboard or Canvas).
Blackboard Course Export process:
    1. Login to Blackboard using your Georgetown University NetID and password.

    2. Navigate to the course site where the course material is located. Locate the gray Course Management control panel (located below the blue course menu), expand the Packages and Utilities section, and click Export/Archive Course

    3. On the Export/Archive Course page, click Export Package on the action Bar.

    4. On the Export Course page do NOT make changes to the File Attachments settings. Scroll down to the Select Course Materials section, and check the boxes next to each item you wish to include in the course export zip file.  Click Submit at the bottom of the page. 

      Note: If you are planning to use the course export file with Canvas, please see the Moving from Blackboard to Canvas page for more details.

    5. Wait for the file to be processed. An email is sent to your Georgetown inbox as soon as the system has created the zip file. Refresh the page to display the course export zip file on your screen. 

      Note:  In most cases the zip file is ready within a minute. However, in some cases you may need to repeat steps 1 and 2 (above) to reload the page.

    6. Once the Export/Archive Course page is reloaded click the file name (the blue link) to download the zip file. 

      Note: Do NOT use the Safari web browser for this process. 

    7. Save the zip file to an appropriate location on your computer's hard-drive (e.g. desktop or downloads folder). 

      Note: Consider reading the section below on Where do I Save Archive Files for long-term storage?

    How do I archive course files?

    If an instructor only needs to save files that were uploaded or copied to the course by the instructor or TA (e.g. Powerpoint, Word, PDF, etc.) we recommend you download the files area of your course.

    Things to Note: 

  • Instructors can select one file at a time, multiple files, or all files to download at once.

  • Downloading multiple files or all files at once will create a zip file.

  •  Student grades, submissions, and activity will be excluded.

    Download the Course Files Area:  
    1. Login to Blackboard using your Georgetown University NetID and password. 

    2. Navigate to the course site where the files are located.

    3. Under the gray Course Management tool bar (below the blue course menu), click on the Files and click on [YOUR COURSE NAME]. 

    4. The Files page will show all course folders and files associated with the course. 

    5. Click the file name to download each file (one-at-a-time), or click the box next to each file name, and then click Download Package to download a zip file containing the selected files or folders. 

    6. The file will now download to your computer (typically in your computer's Downloads folder).

      : To select all files at once, click the box next to File Type. 

      Note: Consider reading the section below on Where do I Save Archive Files for long-term storage?

How do I archive student assignment submissions?
Choose to download a specific student assignment submission, or select all student submissions (per assignment). Selecting to download all student submissions (per assignment) will create a zip file. Archive the zip file or unzip to view the each student's submission. 
      1. Login to Blackboard using your Georgetown University NetID and password.

      2. Navigate to the course site where the assignment is located and open the GradeCenter.

      3. Follow the instructions to download student assignment submissions (per assignment).

How do I archive student discussion posts?

You can print or download a PDF of each discussion forum in your course (per forum). 
      1. Login to Blackboard using your Georgetown University NetID and password.

      2. Navigate to the course site where the discussion forum is located.

      3. Open the discussion forum you want to archive.

      4. Click the boxes to the left of each discussion thread you want to archive, and click the Collect button at the top of the page. 

      5. Then, click the "Print Preview" button at the top of the page. You can now print the student discussions or from the print menu select "Print to PDF" for a digital copy. Alternatively, you can copy/paste the discussion threads into a Word document to archive the posts.

        NoteSee here for detailed instructions on how to search, collect and print student discussion posts.

How do I archive the Gradecenter?
You can download an excel sheet containing your GradeCenter rows and columns (per course).
      1. Login to Blackboard using your Georgetown University NetID and password.

      2. Navigate to the course site where you want to download grades.

      3. Open the Full Grade Center.

      4. Follow the instructions on how to Download the GradeCenter (per course).

Where do I save archive files? 

If you are archiving student activity, grades and/or submissions please reference Georgetown's Data Classification page on acceptable FERPA storage locations. It's recommended you save all archive files from Blackboard to one of the following locations (and NOT permanently on your computer's hard drive):

How do I get help?

For help archiving and migrating your Blackboard content: