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June 2024 Canvas Changes and Updates

Canvas regularly releases updates to their system, and on this page you will find a number of important updates that have hap...

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Your participation in virtual courses is subject to the following university policies for Virtual Learning Environments during Instructional Continuity:

Georgetown University’s Policy on Audio and Video Recordings

Virtual Learning Environment – Privacy, Security, and Intellectual Property

Canvas News at Georgetown:

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Discussions and Announcements Redesign

Starting summer semester 2024, Discussions and Announcements in Canvas will look a bit different and include some new features. Functionality found in the legacy Discussions has been carried over…

Educational Technologies for Spring 2024

Welcome back! As we start a new semester, we invite you to take a look at new developments in educational technologies at Georgetown. On this page you will find following topics: Technology…

Term End Dates in Canvas

All terms more than a year in the past will automatically have an end date in Canvas. This means little to instructor and student access to these courses, and mainly will affect how the courses are…

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