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Add People to a Canvas Course Site

For enrollments to automatically and officially appear in Canvas, they must first be added in the registrar's system (MyAccess). However, instructors can manually add people to their course sites in Canvas. 
Manually enrolled people in Canvas will receive an invitation to join the course. An email is sent to the user's Georgetown inbox; as well as a pop-up notification in Canvas. They will need to accept the course invite before they are enrolled. Before manually adding people, it is recommended that you first see the list of Canvas course roles and permissions.
Note:  All Canvas users are required to have a NetID. Learn more about how to add people to a Canvas course that are not affiliated with Georgetown

To manually add people to your Canvas course site follow the instructions below: 

  1. Access your course in Canvas and click on the People button on the course menu.

    click people on course menu

  2. Click on the +People button.

    click on add people

  3. On the Add People pop-up window.
    1. Select the Login ID button.
    2. Enter the NetID(s) (exclude the @georgetown.edu). If you do not know the exact NetID of the person whom you are trying to add, you can search the Georgetown Directory here: http://contact.georgetown.edu
      Note: If you are adding more than one person, separate each NetID with a comma or press enter/return on your keyboard (as shown below).
    3. Select the appropriate Role (e.g. Student, Teacher, etc).
    4. Click on the Next button.

      add people pop up

  4. The system will then confirm the NetID(s) entered are correct, and then click the Add Users button.
    1. If the system cannot validate the NetID, then click on Start Over and ensure NetID(s) accuracy and/or re-enter.

      confirm netid and click add

  5. You will then be presented with a list of people in the course, with newly added user(s) on the page having "Pending" status. The pending status will be removed once the they accept the invite. 

    pending status