June 2022 Canvas Changes and Updates

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Assignment Default Due time can be modified

The Assignment Default Due time can be modified via course Settings. These settings can be inherited in course copies.

Assignment Availability Window Displayavailable June 22

This update allows students to view the exact availability (in hours and minutes) of an assignment or quiz when the availability window is 24 hours or less. For example, when you set an “Available from” and “Until” date and time, a count down clock is shown for students when the availability window is 24 hours or less.

Google Assignments to work with Canvas’ Speedgraderavailable June 30

Towards the end of June, Google will be upgrading the Google Assignments LTI 1.3 tool to work with Canvas’ Speedgrader.

Instructors will have the option to grade student grade work using SpeedGrader or Google’s grading interface. This will enable instructors to attach files to make a copy/template for each student and/or use Google’s originality reports feature for plagiarism analysis while also providing instructors flexibility on their grading interface of choice.

Vector Button added in the Equation Editor within the Rich Content Editor 

Allows instructors and students to include vector arrows with a button when creating an equation in the Rich Content Editor Equation Editor.

New Quizzes: Question type “Fill in the Blank” now uses the Rich Content Editor

This allows instructors to create fill-in-the-blank questions with rich content such as scientific or mathematical formulas or a table. Additionally, instructors can format fill-in-the-blank questions to appear on separate, distinct lines.

New Quizzes “to do” list added for instructors

In the Dashboard and Course Home Page, instructors can view New Quizzes submissions requiring manual grading in the “To Do” list

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