December 2022 Canvas Changes and Updates

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Copy Paste and Drag Drop of Content into the Rich Content Editor (RCE)

You can copy paste or drag drop an image, audio, video, and document files from the web or your computer. Files that are added this way to the RCE are automatically upload to your course Files area. When dragging and dropping an image from the web, an HTML IMG tag referencing the file at its location on the web is inserted into the RCE. To learn more about the RCE please see our guide.

Word Count Status Bar Modal in the Rich Content Editor (RCE)

In the Rich Content Editor (RCE), the status bar on the bottom right displays a Word Counter, and when expanded provides a detailed view of words and characters.

Student Grade Feedback Visibility Update

This update improves the visibility and process to view feedback or comments when given to a student by the instructor or TA. Students will now see an unread indicator (blue dot) on the “feedback button” on the Grade page when new feedback and comments are added to an assignment or a rubric. Comments and feedback now display in a pop-out comment tray.

Schedule Page Publication

Instructors can delay pages for publication on a specific date and time. This option allows instructors to prepare and schedule pages in advance to automatically publish in a course. The option will appear at the bottom of the page when creating or editing a ‘Page’ in your Canvas course.

New Quizzes: Rich Content Editor

[UPDATE] Canvas turned off the new Rich Content Editor (RCE) in New Quizzes on January 10 in order to address a bug that was reported during Course Copy. Please stay tuned for updates on the fix and the timeline for turning on the new RCE again.

New Quizzes: Fill in the Blank with Multiple Word Bank Improvements

This update improves the Fill in the Blank multiple word bank answer option experience for students and instructors. In New Quizzes, when building a Fill in the Blank question with multiple word bank choices, distractor words display in a separate section for instructors. Also, word choices can be used more than once when Allow Word Bank Choices to be Reused is selected and duplicate answer choices are graded correctly. Additionally, for students, Fill in the Blank questions with multiple word banks display all word bank choices in the answer blank drop-down menu.

New Quizzes: Allow Clearing Selection of Multiple Choice Question Answers

In the New Quizzes settings, instructors can enable Allow Clearing Selection (Multiple Choice) allowing students to clear multiple choice answers. When enabled, it allows students to unselect answers for later review or leave the question unanswered.

Improved Inbox Functionality (COMING SOON)

The Inbox update includes: improved mobile web experience and improved accessibility. There are no changes to the original functionality. Users should expect minor visible changes:


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