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Live Canvas Training Provided by Instructure 

The makers of Canvas (Instructure) offer Georgetown faculty, TAs, and program staff access to live online training and other Canvas resources. Follow the instructions below to enroll in live trainings and access training resources.
For help with Canvas Training Services check out their official guide or contact Canvas Support.   
  1. Login to Canvas  
  2. Click the "Help" button located on the blue menu
  3. Click "Training Services Portal" to open the training portal
    Note: This option is not available to students
    Canvas help menu

  4. Click "Authorize" to allow the Training Portal access to your Canvas account 

  5. Watch the tutorial on the training portal

  6. Click "Authorize" (again) to allow the Training Portal to authenticate your Canvas account
    allow authentication to your account

  7. Click "Training Calendar" to view and enroll in upcoming training sessions; or scroll down on the Canvas Training Services page to reveal upcoming training programs, courses, videos and live training sessions.
    Canvas Training Portal page