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Remove People from a Canvas Course Site

Canvas course enrollments for students and instructors are populated automatically from the Registrar's system (Banner/MyAccess). As a result, an instructor usually CANNOT remove people from a course site. However, if an instructor has manually added people to their Canvas course site then these people CAN be manually removed from the course. 
Note: Students that drop a course will be unenrolled automatically from the course site, if the drop occurs before the withdrawal date.

To manually remove people from your Canvas course site follow the instructions below: 

  1. Access your course in Canvas and click on the People button on the course menu
    course nav bar - people button

  2. Locate User. In the search field [1], search for the name of the user; [2] You can also filter users by role in the Roles drop-down menu.
    locate people menu

  3. Remove User. [1] Click the user's Options icon, then [2] click the Remove From Course button.
    remove people menu

  4. Confirm Deletion. Click the OK button.
    confirm people removal button