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New Rich Content Editor Guide
The Rich Content Editor (RCE) is the tool in Canvas that allows you to format text, add images, attach files, link to websites, embed media, etc. when creating announcements, assignments, discussions, pages, quizzes and questions. Canvas has redesigned the RCE to offer an improved user experience, and all courses will be automatically upgraded to the new RCE May 16th, 2020.
Tour the new RCE

The toolbar now expands to the full width of the browser and can collapse for a more intuitive look and feel. Icons and interactions are grouped by common menus, and the content area is generally larger. 
new rce

[1] The content area, where you can add and preview content; [2] In the toolbar, you can format text or paragraphs; [3] insert links, images, media, and documents; [4] clear formatting; [5] add tables; [6] insert an equation; [7] open external tools.

Notable changes with the redesigned RCE

  • Collapsible menu
    If the browser isn’t expanded to fit the full width of the toolbar, the toolbar displays an Options menu that includes the remaining toolbar itemscollapsed toolbar

  • Add Course Links, Files, Images
    The tabs that appeared on the right hand side of the RCE have moved and are now icons on the redesigned RCE toolbar.upload file or media or link process in toolbar

  • Add external tools
    Course tools like Panopto, ShareStream, Lau Library Guides, etc. that appeared as icons or under the blue down arrow on the toolbar have moved to the “Plug” icon at the top right of the redesigned RCE toolbar.
    add external tools use plug-in icon

  • Accessibility Checker and HTML/Text Editor
    These buttons that appeared as icons on the toolbar have moved to the bottom right of the redesigned RCE toolbar.
    accessibility and html buttons at bottom of toolbar

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