Display GUIDs in the Gradebook

Teachers can customize the Gradebook to display student GUIDs. Seeing GUIDs may be helpful for instructors who work with Scantron or need to reference student GUIDs during the semester. This guide helps teachers display GUIDs in their online Canvas Gradebook.
Note: In Canvas the "Integration ID" equals GUID. By default, GUIDs always appear in downloaded (exported) GradebooksThe online Gradebook cannot show student NetIDs and GUIDs at the same time. To see a student NetIDs and GUIDs at the same time download (export) the Canvas Gradebook.

To display GUIDs in the online Gradebook:

  1. From the course menu, click on Grades to open the Gradebook.
    select grades on course menu

  2. Mouse over the Student Name column in the Gradebook.
  3. Click on the three-dot menu that appears in the Student Name column.
  4. Mouse over the Secondary info and click Integration ID.
    Menu to display GUID in Gradebook

GUIDs will now appear below each student's name in the online Gradebook. 

Note: Student GUIDs will remain displayed in the online Gradebook until another Secondary info option is selected (e.g. NetID, SIS ID, or None).