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Canvas New Gradebook Guide

The New Gradebook allows instructors to use an improved version of the current Gradebook, and includes a more flexible and intuitive grading experience. All Canvas courses will be automatically upgraded to the New Gradebook in January 2020.

New Gradebook Changes and Features

[1] The top of the Gradebook includes sorting options and settings you can use to organize your Gradebook [2], which will display the selected student data [3] and assignment data. [4] To view the Keyboard Shortcuts menu, click on the keyboard icon or press the comma key. [5] To access Late Policies and Grade Posting Policy settings, click the gear icon. See the Current Gradebook and New Gradebook functionality comparison chart for a complete list of changes.
Change the Status of a Grade
Change the status of an individual student assignment submission in the Grade Detail Tray. Status labels include: None, Late, Missing, Excused. 
Enter Grades as
This feature allows you to enter and view grades by points, percentage or letter grade. Note: To enter and display letter or GPA grades, a grading scheme must first be set for the assignment.
Grade Detail Tray
This new feature makes it fast and easy to view and enter grades, submission status, and comments, both by individual assignment or student. In addition, the Grade Detail Tray provides a place to access Speedgrader for an assignment, or view an individual student's grade page. 
Hide Grades (formerly known as mute)
Students will not receive grade change or instructor comment notifications for an assignment with hidden grades. It's possible to set all grades columns to hide automatically hide specific assignment grade columns; or hide grades that were  previously posted in the Gradebook.
Late Policies
Use these features to automatically apply a grade or deduct points for missing or late submissions. If you want to "Treat grades as 0" in the New Gradebook, apply grades as "0" using the global Missing Submission Policy feature, or use the Default Grade option for individual assignments. Note: these options are not retroactive and will only apply to new submissions.
Post Grades (formerly known as un-mute)
Grades can be posted to everyone or only to students with graded submissions. When grades are only posted to students with graded submissions, students with ungraded submissions will view an icon on their grades page that indicates grades are still being worked on. Grades can be posted for specific sections.
Sort and Display Grade Columns in the Gradebook
You can arrange any column in the Gradebook according to your preference. You can use a preset arrangement by assignment name, due date, points, or module, or you can manually arrange columns. You can also manually increase and decrease the width of any column.
Sort and Display Students in the Gradebook
Sort students alphabetically or by first or last name; choose to display student GUIDs and show or hide NetIDs. 
Unpublished graded items appear in the Gradebook
By default, unpublished assignments, quizzes, and graded discussions will now be displayed in the Gradebook. This setting can be turned off at any time.

New Gradebook How-To's

Features Missing in the New Gradebook

All functionality with the current Gradebook is included in the New Gradebook with the following exceptions:
Assignment Details
This feature does not appear in the New Gradebook, and will be moved to the New Canvas Analytics tool (availability TBD).
Hide Student Names
This feature does not appear in the New Gradebook. Student names however can still be hidden in the Speedgrader.
Note: You can use the Anonymous Grading feature to automatically hide student names in the Speedgrader for a specific assignment. Anonymous Grading must first be enabled in course Settings > Feature Options > Anonymous Grading.
Sort Students by Notes
The notes column in the New Gradebook cannot be used to sort students. Export the New Gradebook and open with excel to sort by Notes column.
Treat grades as 0
Replaced by Late Policies feature. If you want to "Treat grades as 0" in the New Gradebook, apply grades as "0" using the global Missing Submission Policy feature, or use the Default Grade option for individual assignments.

Known Issues

Gradebook columns can become truncated or misaligned in some browsers.
To fix truncated columns, expanded them by dragging the corner of the column header. To fix misaligned columns, which is caused by scrolling too fast too the right when there are a lot of grade columns, refresh the page and scroll slowly to the right.

If you need help with the New Gradebook beyond the basic overview and help links on this page, see the Getting Help page for live support.