Faculty ResourcesMoving from Blackboard to Canvas Guide

Download Blackboard Course Files and Upload to Canvas

Download Blackboard course site files and folders when you need to move files (Powerpoint, Word, PDF, etc.) into Canvas.
Before downloading your Blackboard course files we recommend removing any duplicate or unnecessary files
Things to Note:

Instructions to download Blackboard course files: 

  1. Login to Blackboard using your Georgetown University NetID and password.
  2. Navigate to the course site where the files are located.
  3. Under the gray Course Management tool bar (below the blue course menu), click on the Files and click on [YOUR COURSE NAME].
    Blackboard course management menu

  4. The Files page will show folders and files associated with the course.
    Note: If you have more than 25 files, click the Show All  button at the bottom of the page. 

    1. To download an individual file, click on the file name (e.g. Bb Basics Handout.doc). 
      Download one file

    2. To select multiple files and/or folders to download, click the check-box next to each file. Then click on Download Package (this will download a zip file containing the selected files or folders). 
      download multiple files

  5. The individual Blackboard course file or the zip file containing the selected files and folders will now download to your computer (typically in your Downloads folder). 

    1. Individual files downloaded will appear on your computer with the same name (e.g. Bb Basics Handout.doc).
      Download one file name

    2. Zip files containing the selected files and folders will appear on your computer named [YOUR COURSE ID.zip] (e.g. HIST-101-01.Fall2018).
      Downloaded zip file to computer


Instructions to upload files into a Canvas course:

Once you have your course files on your computer, choose from the following methods to upload them into a Canvas course.