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Moving from Blackboard to Canvas Guide

Are my old courses in Blackboard being transferred into Canvas?

Yes, Blackboard course content from Summer 2014 through Fall 2019 have been automatically transferred into Canvas.

Faculty can find their transferred courses in Canvas in the Courses > All Courses menu (via the global navigation menu) specifically under the Past Enrollments section.  All transferred courses will have a “Bb-” prefix in the course name and course ID (e.g. BB-ENGL-100-01.Fall2019) in order to avoid overwriting course content that has already been imported or created in Canvas. Additionally, such courses will have the word "Migrated" in the Term column.

Please note these transferred courses will not be exact duplicates of the original Blackboard courses. Blackboard course content like files, items, and announcements will migrate to Canvas; but gradebook items, student-submitted work, and peer interactions will not migrate.  More information about what does and does not migrate can be found below on the page. If you need Blackboard course archives that include student material please complete the individual faculty request form for that information.

Things to note:

  • Blackboard courses before Summer 2014 will not be transferred into Canvas. 
  • Blackboard courses must have course material in order to qualify for the automatic transfer into Canvas.

What course content in Blackboard can be transferred into Canvas?

  • Announcements in Blackboard will be moved to the Announcements section in Canvas.
  • Assignments in Blackboard will be moved to the Assignments section in Canvas.
  • Discussion Forums in Blackboard will be moved to the Discussions section in Canvas.
  • Files and Folders in Blackboard will be moved to the Files section in Canvas.
  • Tests and Test Pools in Blackboard will be moved to the Quizzes section in Canvas

What course content in Blackboard does not transfer well (or at all) into Canvas? 

What are my options when moving Blackboard course content to Canvas?

What are the equivalent features and functionality between Blackboard and Canvas?

How do I get help?

For help with your transferred courses in Canvas: