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Combining (Cross-Listing) Canvas Course Sites

This process may be helpful for instructors who teach multiple sections of the same course, and want to combine the enrollments into one course site in Canvas.

Before Cross-Listing:

  • Cross-listing courses should only take place before course sites are published and before any grades are entered in Canvas.
  • A course containing student submissions, activity, and grade data should not be cross-listed otherwise that data will be lost.

After You Cross-List:

  • Teachers and Students will only see the "Parent" course site on their Canvas Dashboard.
  • Students who register for your course sections will automatically appear in the "Parent"course site.  
  • To "De-Cross-List" a course please contact Canvas Support.

Automated Course Combination Service:

By enrolling in the Automated Course Combination Service, the multiple sections of a given course for which you are an instructor will be automatically combined (cross-listed) into a single course site each semester.  For example, if you are teaching three sections (01, 02, 03) of HIST-101 and you have enrolled in the Automated Course Combination Service, sections 02 and 03 in Canvas will be automatically combined into section 01. The course site 01 becomes the Canvas course site for all 3 sections. 
Once you enroll in the service, ALL of your Canvas courses with multiple sections will be cross-listed automatically EACH semester.

Manual Canvas Course Combination:

To receive assistance with cross-listing your course please contact Canvas Support.
Note: Teachers choose one of their Canvas course sites to serve as a "Parent" course. The "Parent" course will contain enrollments from any cross-listed or "Child" course sites. Typically, the lowest course section number (e.g. HIST-101-01) should serve as the "Parent" course. After the course combination is complete, all students enrolled in the CHILD course will no longer see this course listed in Canvas. Instead they will see the PARENT course in Canvas, even though their university registrar record in MyAccess will show the CHILD course as their official course of enrollment.
In this example, we will manually cross-list HIST-101-01.Fall2017 (PARENT) with PSYC-101-01.Fall2017 (CHILD).  
Start in the CHILD course. 
  1. Click on the Settings button located at the bottom of the course menu.
  2. Click on the Sections tab at the top of the page.
  3. Under Course Sections, click on the CHILD course name or ID displayed. 

    canvas settings page

  4. Locate the Cross-List this Section button and click it (the button could be located at the top right or bottom of the page depending on your browser settings). 

    canvas section settings page

  5. On the pop-up window, enter the "ParentCourse ID (e.g. HIST-101-01.Fall2017) into the Search for Course field. 

    Canvas cross-list this section pop-up

  6. Confirm the selected course is correct.
  7. Click Cross-List This Section.

    Canvas cross-list this section pop-up2

You will automatically be redirected to the "Parent" course where the enrollments have been (combined) cross-listed.