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Copy Canvas Course Sites
An instructor can copy course content such as files, assignments, quizzes, modules, pages, and discussions from one Canvas site to another.  The Canvas course copy process starts in the "destination" course site, NOT in the "source" site.  Before Cross-Listing:
Things to note:  
  • If you are copying a course that has an "End Date" set in the past, then the course and its copied content may not be available to students.  Please access the "Settings" area of the destination course site and remove or adjust the end dates as necessary.
  • When copying a Canvas site from one semester to another, certain third-party tool content will copy over to the destination site, but will require further action in order to work correctly.  See below for more details.
  • After copying content, review any assignment or quiz due dates to ensure the correct dates are set for the new term.
Copying Third-Party Tools
When copying course content that contains third-party tools, it is imperative that the following actions are taken in order to ensure correct functionality and availability of the following tools:
  • Panopto:  Only if you have embedded Panopto content in your source site, then you will need to access the embedded Panopto content in the destination site after the copy process is complete.  You can do this by clicking on the "Play" button for each asset in the destination course to reestablish the connection.
  • Respondus:  Once Respondus content is copied over to the destination site, the instructor needs to click on the Respondus Lockdown Browser button on the course menu to reestablish the connection.  
  • ShareStream:  Copying Canvas content from one site to another does NOT copy or move ShareStream content.  In order to copy ShareStream content, the instructor will need to enable the ShareStream MediaManager or ShareStream Pick-n-Play in the course menu. Once enabled, click on one of the tools and follow the instructions in the ShareStream copy wizard to copy content from your source site to your destination site.
  • Turnitin:  When copying Turnitin assignments, please make sure that the correct due dates are set and/or adjusted on the copied assignments in the destination course to correspond to the new term's dates.  It is not enough to use Canvas's built-in "adjust dates" tool during the course copy  as Turnitin dates will not be adjusted by this process. Please see the Turnitin Guide for more information
  • Voicethread:  If you have embedded Voicethread content in your source site, then you will need to access the embedded Voicethread content in the destination site as well by clicking on each asset in order to reestablish the connection.